I’ve Had Enough Of Hearing About Jeremy Corbyn.

I don’t re-blog blogs and I don’t want to be party political here.  But this blog is an exception because ultimately it discerns the Corbyn phenomena as a  strong desire for change – he just happened to get in the way of it!  Whatever your political persuasion this blog has a message about making change happen. And that politics and change-making should be about making things better for people – especially the most vulnerable: the sick the young, the very old, the poor, the refugee.  And of course those of us in maternity know how very important change for the benefit of women babies and families is important at this time.

Hold on to your seats for this roller coaster blog!

Right, that’s it, I’ve had enough. I’ve sat on my hands for long enough. I’ve spent months looking at conversations and threads on the internet about Jeremy Corbyn, about ho…

Source: I’ve Had Enough Of Hearing About Jeremy Corbyn.


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