Raspberry Leaf Tea and Evening Primrose Oil

A couple of weeks ago there was an interesting conversation on Facebook about using raspberry leaf tea.  I Iearnt some new things and want to share the collective wisdom with you all:
The question was: At how many weeks did everyone start with Raspberry Leaf Tea and Evening Primrose Oil? Coming up to 30 weeks next week but started quite late with them with my son 🙂
These were the responses:
A.  One cup a day from 32 weeks, 2 cups 33 weeks, 3 cups 34 weeks, 4 cups 35 weeks and from 36 weeks I added a good dose of EPO and drank the tea freely! Then 38 weeks EPO administered to both ends!
B. Both ends?? Capsules?
A. Yes orallly took 1000mg EPO from 36 weeks (increasing to 2000+ right at the end!), then just before going to sleep on a night from 38 weeks 1 capsule vaginally.  The RLT tones the uterus ready for birthing and the EPO contains natural prostoglandins [the hormones that stimulate labour].
C. I moved on to a mix of the tea and the capsules of raspberry leaf at 36 weeks, as I couldn’t stomach more than a couple of cups [of RLT] a day every day. I don’t do hot drinks of any sort when I’m pregnant
F. I too took the capsules rather than the tea.
D. What is EPO?
E. Evening primrose oil.
I took 1000mg orally from 36 weeks and as a pessary from about 39 weeks,I think…can’t remember now.
D. I drank 1cup of RLT from about 30weeks. Upping it to about 8 cups a day at 43 weeks, didn’t take EPO
Information is power, if you know the options you can find what works best for you.  Hope this helps!  Magic stuff!