Green shoots in the winter earth.

Another step forward. Green shoots in the winter earth.

This weekend we had a painting polishing and planting weekend.  We invited friends and family to come along and help us reduce the mountain of little jobs – hanging curtains, moving a bed, building a desk, rehanging a couple of doors, polishing the stairs, staining the wood work, stripping and painting the therapy room etc etc.  We offered food and drink and good company in return.

And they came, on their own, as  a couple, with babies and children.  Some stayed for 2 hours some the whole day.  Some could do loads of practical work others could barely move to make a cup of tea such were the demands of their children.  One couple took all day to arrive with their 2 week old baby – but what a joy! What a gift to receive them!  And how important for us that they came.

And it was wonderful, wonderful.  And yes nearly all the jobs got done but that is not why it was wonderful.  The house came alive to the sound of children’s laughter and adults chatter, the walls echoed to feet and hands doing creative work and the place was filled with love and joy and fun and real people and real stories.

And this house which had felt so silent and sad when we moved in was full of light in the right places, and this house that had felt so very very cold glowed with warmth.  I thank all my friends who came in body and spirit that day and gave their hands and heart to give our home soul.

This truly was the birth of a birthing centre, born in love, born into community.

This week, perhaps for the first time, it has felt like a gift and a privilege to live and work here.


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  1. Muddling Along Mummy
    Feb 14, 2010 @ 22:02:19

    I adore reading about this journey – I just know that you are creating a house full of love which will feel so special to those people coming through its doors over the coming years


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