Because of those hands . . .

Birth Matters made by Dr Nadine Edwards is an immensely moving montage of pictures, quotations and music which communicates the importance of treating birth with care and compassion. As I watched the film I read the words:

“Birth is not just about making babies
but about making mothers
strong competent mothers”

And I heard and saw no more as I was caught up in the powerful memory of the birth of my second child and the photograph I have of those hands – my midwife’s hands. And then I wrote:

Because of those Hands

Dear Madge,

I will never forget you taking me by the hands, looking me straight in the eyes and saying, “We are going to do this, woman to woman!” And we did. You will never know how much strength and confidence you gave me to birth my first son. And what a healing birth that was.

I do what I do now because of your hands.

Thank you Madge Boyle.

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