Grumpy Old Woman or Wrung out Dish Cloth

No I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. And those of you who receive the monthly ‘Choices News’ Emailing will note that it also, is two weeks late.

And I have no excuses. None at all.

I just did not want to do it any more. There was no dramatic or tragic event, there was no overwhelming increase in my work load, I was not particularly distressed or depressed.

No, I just ground to a halt like a pushchair in the sand. I wanted to go no further.

I just wanted to close the blinds on the world out there, do my own thing, hide in my hidie hole, pull the douvet over my head.

In fact I still do. And it has taken considerable effort, and the lack of too many distractions today to make me write this blog.

Hmmm. Methinks there is a touch of burnout here. What do you think?

Burnout can hit us like a bulldozer into a wall, but often it slips into our lives silently as a shadow crosses our path, and we are not aware of it until we are quite literally curled up in bed with the douvet pulled over our heads.

And it can hit us when we have a sudden increase in workload – or like me, here, it is a slow accumulation of the pressures experienced in daily life. And one day something inside you ‘puts her barrow down’ and won’t budge.

Good for her! – I say. At least one part of me was listening to my body and soul screaming for a break!

It is interesting that my yoga classes finished about 6 weeks ago for the summer and my slow deterioration can be marked from then. My weekly yoga was the discipline of relaxation, and detachment. It gave me space to breath and relax, but it enabled me to put my busy life demands in proper perspective.

How we need those spaces in our lives! And if we are doing over time because we want to make the world better as well – Sisters! don’t we need some space to just breathe the air!

Summer yoga classes begin again on Monday next week. And I am going to away for the night after this blog, and finally it is school hols so no more 6 am starts for a few weeks.

And I have written my blog at last. And the Choices mailing is done.

And I must take time to breathe this summer time, to hear the birds sing, watch the children play, take my shoes off and breathe the air.

And dear readers! Banish the shadow of long tapered, slow burnout. Take time this summer to breathe and you will bloom.

Much love


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