Photo Madness

Today against all our best instincts and breaking a personal rule never to accede to invitations to ‘free’ photo shoots that precipitate an invitation to part with large wodges of cash to actually own the images produced – yes we went on a free photo shoot at Arts Photography somewhere on the far side of Leeds from us (at least it felt it with five children and a birthing pool to transport there!

I went with apprehensive optimism, David setoff downright opposed to such a mad venture, children like a pack of rats in a sack. David had forgotton about the pool so we had to ‘pick it up on the way’, we were stuck in traffic, the ‘Tom Tom’ directed us to a back passage between two shops, before we tumbled out of our cars and decended on the unwary agency.

Thankfully we found them human and humane – children were giddy but Gemma calm and lively at once coxed and directed our chimps into cute and cheery poses in and out of the pool. Horrendous hype had been our past experience and we were relieved. Nevertheless tension was high (even with supply of excellent tea in stylish cups) for me until we tumbled forth from the studio with none of Gemmas’s equipment damaged, and no child psychologically scarred for life.

Arranged a viewing for a month’s time when I have recovered the nerve.