How dare they get away with it

It is the wee small hours and I have just read the Telegraph and Argos to find they have not published my letter and I am really fed up. How dare the NHS Trust after cutting midwifery care to the bone, then say that a computer programme is going to enable midwves to spend more time with Mums. More midwives will enable midwives to spend more time with Mums, one mother one midwife care will enable midwves to spend more time with mums. Computer programmes generally won’t provide what women need and want which is human beings who listen and care!

But who is going to lsiten? It is women’s things isn’t it? It is a niche. Forget the fact that everyone is born of a woman, forget that most women have to go through a birthing, forget that most fathers now attend the birth. The general public won’t be interested. I don’t know tha tthey will but they should be because we all ahve mothers and daughters, sisters and aunts and unless someone challenges the NHS when it oversteps the mark we will lose our choices and our human care.

I need to make cake. I need something to do which is creative and beautiful instead of the fickle. And now I think I also need ot sleep!