Boob cakes

For a cup of tea in bed and a bath with the kids
for running up hills and bright winter sunshine.
for hot spicy punch and boob cakes
And for spaghetti bolognaise when I get home.

No cakes made today. Felt I had done my bit for the nation this week already. Felt a bit down if the truth be told. Myself and Tilly (no.3) and Stan (no.4) went to the la Leche League Christmas Party, took me a while to adjust as it was so long since I had seen most people and feeling antisocial too. As always, endeavoured to recognise customers who know me but who I saw once before the birth of their baby several months ago. Ah how embarrassing, but rewarding to see a lovely couple following my recommendation!.

La leche League for the uniniated is a fab organisation of Mums supporting Mums to breastfeed – hence the boob cakes – Christmas boob cakes in fact – and not pert teenage boobs but the large soft sculptures that drape a mother’s breast bone.

And now I sit here typing my blog, listening to the sounds of the children playing together until they fall asleep.



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