A cup of tea at the end of the day

for excitement and trepidation
for plans made and successfully excuted
for boxes of toys and a gleeful boy
for the cup of tea at the end of the day
which never tasted so good.

No pressure today
Just a deal to buy another company to close
And an office to move.

David reminded of the sideboard incident in the first year of our marriage, did pretty well. I went to deliver a card and view our new offices to be out of the way.

The sideboard incident for those who do not remember was David accepting the first price of a lovely utility sideboard in a bargain furniture shop. The man thought my indignant reaction to David’s niavite so amusing he knocked the price down anyway. This time there is rather more money at stake.

I was at the new office bright an early. “You do know I am coming? Can you show me the sapce we will occupy later today? Can you show me the closest entrances to this room? Where is the nearest lift? I wanted to see it all. Then later – just to be sure – I walked David around the place. So when, later, the caretaker was not to be found, there was no problem. With a key and a swipe card we could get on with it. With a man and a van we had the job done in under 2 hours. That did not of course count the 3 hours packing before hand. And the many hours tomorrow unpacking and sorting . But it is good to prepare and plan and see it all work.

And we collected all the children from various childcare places, and oh how good the tea tasted!
No cake made but ate the rest of the bread and mulled fruit juice pudding I made yesterday.

Boob cakes

For a cup of tea in bed and a bath with the kids
for running up hills and bright winter sunshine.
for hot spicy punch and boob cakes
And for spaghetti bolognaise when I get home.

No cakes made today. Felt I had done my bit for the nation this week already. Felt a bit down if the truth be told. Myself and Tilly (no.3) and Stan (no.4) went to the la Leche League Christmas Party, took me a while to adjust as it was so long since I had seen most people and feeling antisocial too. As always, endeavoured to recognise customers who know me but who I saw once before the birth of their baby several months ago. Ah how embarrassing, but rewarding to see a lovely couple following my recommendation!.

La leche League for the uniniated is a fab organisation of Mums supporting Mums to breastfeed – hence the boob cakes – Christmas boob cakes in fact – and not pert teenage boobs but the large soft sculptures that drape a mother’s breast bone.

And now I sit here typing my blog, listening to the sounds of the children playing together until they fall asleep.


Radical Mum and Cake Baker

I have presents to wraps, children to cajole to bed, I have work to do so what have I done this evening – started writing a blog! Well why not!

A bit of personal space to record my thoughts and share them with whoever in the world cares to read them.

I arrived at this profound moment because I was sent a link to a BBC article re. epidurals affecting breastfeeding (really I would not have guessed – drugs affecting mothers and their unborn child? – never! ) and that led to the BBC ‘all about blogs’ article on politics today which led me here. A profound moment indeed.